This is the page of Matthew Archer Steiner. I was born on Ocotober 22, 1993.
I really like Dinosaurs. I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up. Bonehead Detectives on Discovery Kids is one of my favorite shows about Dinosaurs.
Bill Nye the Science Guy is another one of my favorite shows on televsion, but my favorite shows are Cyberchase and Scooby Doo. I really like Scrappy Doo too. I like to do lots of things, like playing games, reading books, riding my bike, playing computer games and reading the Bible. My favorite computer game is Rock Raiders Masterpiece Version and one of my favorite web sites is I take tennis lessons once a week and I am learning to play the piano.

But the thing I like most is Science.

Below are some more pictures of me and my family. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture. To see more pictures check out my archive page. To see of the projects I am working on go to my Projects Page. I am also learning HTML, to see my HTML pages go to Matthew's Html Pages.